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  • 25 Brand New Unique, High Quality Individual Dolphin Images
  • PLUS 25 MORE (Different!) Dolphin Images with Backgrounds 
  • PLR Commercial Use License*
  • High Quality 300 DPI, PNG Format
  • Unlimited Print on Demand License
  • Create Adult or Kids Coloring books!
  • Fits perfectly on any 8.5"x11" page, A4 or can be reduced for smaller pages

You know already that the Coloring Book Niche is Huge on both Amazon and Etsy!
The top 4 Coloring books alone, sell more than 500 copies PER DAY!

It's crazy to think that coloring isn't just for kids, it's for adults too. This has been hugely popular for the past several years, and has NO signs of stopping.

And some of the most popular of these coloring books are animal books, for stress and anxiety relief. 

But not just any animal - there are millions of people in the world who absolutely love the oceans, and Dolphins!

Even the Dolphin "niche" sells several copies per day of various coloring books. Take a look at some that come up the first in the results...

And of course there's more than that (but still an underserved niche!) on Amazon, as well as some on Etsy.  Interestingly, most of the ones on Etsy are for kids... there's a wide open opportunity there!

You Can Use These Images for YOUR Print On Demand Products and Reach Dolphin Lovers Everywhere!

Hey it's Amber Jalink here.

Pretty much from the day my daughter could play with toys, she has always been infatuated with sea animals... dolphins and whales of course her favorites.

Fast forward 20+ years later, and she's still infatuated with them. But since we don't live near an ocean, she loves creating pictures of dolphins that she can color in herself. (She's my resident photoshop wiz).

Recently she came to me and asked if she could perhaps put together a dolphin coloring pack, and wondered if people would be interested.

We did a little research, and it's obvious people LOVE dolphins too!

She got to work, did her thing, and created this bundle of brand new images for you! 

Introducing: Dolphins Coloring Pack

(For a larger example)

You will get 25 High Quality Black and White Dolphin Images with Line Art Style Designs

(Obviously they will not say "sample" across them for the high quality versions you get).

And of course, there's more! Here are another 25 images included, these ones with Backgrounds:

You can now take these images and publish them as your own, in SO many ways!

  • Create coloring pages and printables and sell on Etsy (or your own website!)
  • Create as printables and giveaway as lead magnets (freebies to get people to opt into your list) on your website/blog.
  • Color these in, and sell them as digital art / posters
  • Create coloring books to sell on Amazon KDP
  • Mix and match these with other ocean animal coloring you may have, and create mixed books
  • Put these on mugs, hats or even shirts for people to color!
  • Create custom coloring calendars
  • Create notebooks, with these inside (a mix of notebook and coloring) OR use these images on the cover, and let people color the cover themselves!
  • Add these to planners and stress relief journals.

The ideas are almost endless. 

This is EXACTLY why you're getting this special opportunity right now, to get 50 high quality designs to add to your coloring products.

This Dolphin Coloring Pack Saves SO Much Time!

  • No time consuming research - just put them in the order you want and start publishing.
  • No time consuming product creation - these images are done for you. All you have to do is place them where you want them. (If you know photoshop, you know this is not a 30 second task to create these).
  • No hiring someone else to create these for you - this saves you both time and money. After all, the faster you publish, the faster you have the opportunity for sales.

When you buy this Dolphin Coloring Pack right now, you get:

  • 5 Brand New Unique, High Quality Individual Dolphin Images (Real $525 Cost Value)
  • 25 MORE (Different!) Dolphin Images with Backgrounds (Real $525 Cost Value) 
  • PLR Commercial Use License* ($500)
  • High Quality 300 DPI, PNG Format ($250)
  • Unlimited Print on Demand License ($500)
  • Create Adult or Kids Coloring books!
  • Fits perfectly on any 8.5"x11" page, A4 or can be reduced for smaller pages
  • Instant download after purchase!

*Your License Rights:


  • You can create as many COMPLETED products as you'd like and sell them on any print on demand network such as Amazon KDP, Etsy, Gearbubble, etc.
  • You have unlimited commercial use rights to sell as many completed products as you'd like, without any royalties to us
  • You can use these images "as is" or combine to create as many possible variations as you wish
  • You can modify these and create other variations by adding other backgrounds, new images etc., and all rights above apply.
  • You can give these away as lead magnets in PDF format (NOT the images directly) in the form of printables, on your website, social media etc., proving it is clear that it is for PERSONAL use only. (You cannot supply the base images).
  • Yes you can use these in coloring clubs or for schools (if you are a teacher for example), you may distribute these as printables (PDF format).
  • Yes, you can use these images in videos as well if you wish to use for examples of creating books or other content.

What you cAN'T dO

  • You can not give the image png files away to anyone. The images must be in a compiled or compressed format (i.e., on a mug, shirt or in a printable PDF), not as a png itself. This also means you cannot convert them to SVG or JPG to sell the images in any form other than the PDF or as a POD product of your own.
  • You can not use my name or my daughter's name on any of your products, or imply that you are associated with us. (PLR means it has your name, not ours).
  • You CAN NOT sell these images with PLR rights, resell rights, or master resell rights in any way, even in a compiled (PDF) format.
  • You can not upload these images to any file sharing site such as Pixabay or anywhere similar.
  • You can not list these images at Image marketplaces such as Adobe Stock, Freepik, CreativeMarket, CreativeFabrica or anything similar. Bailey Jalink owns all original creation rights and does NOT pass these on.
  • You can not use these images on Fiverr.

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