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When you upgrade to the Developer Rights Edition, you can now do even more!

*Your License Rights:


IN ADDITION to the main rights, you can ALSO

  • Create completed coloring bundles, printables and packs for clients and customers! (Think local businesses who might want their own coloring book)
  • YES your customers can sell the products to others if they wish (as completed products personal use only).
  • YES you CAN create products for customers on Fiverr! You simply have to provide the final PDF version (you cannot supply the images directly).

What you cAN'T dO

  • You can not give the image png files away to anyone. The images must be in a compiled or compressed format (i.e., on a mug, shirt or in a printable PDF), not as a png itself. This also means you cannot convert them to SVG or JPG to sell the images in any form other than the PDF or as a POD product of your own.
  • You can not use my name or my daughter's name on any of your products, or imply that you are associated with us. (PLR means it has your name, not ours).
  • Your customers can not pass on any rights to others except personal use rights.
  • You still can not upload these images to any file sharing site such as Pixabay or anywhere similar.
  • You can not list these images at Image marketplaces such as Adobe Stock, Freepik, CreativeMarket, CreativeFabrica or anything similar. Bailey Jalink owns all original creation rights and does NOT pass these on.

Please note - when you purchase this license, it is applicable to BOTH of your purchases.

There are NO other files in this purchase except the license file, which replaces the Personal license file. If you choose not to purchase this, your previous purchase remains as personal/commercial use as outlined.

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